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Our Ladybird room is our 2 year old room.

There are two rooms for children to explore, where they can free flow between each room and choose where they would like to play. We have a wide range of wooden and natural resources for children to explore, as well as tuning into children's interests to create fun and engaging activities for children to learn and develop social skills in play. 


We have an extensive range of high quality play equipment and resources, following our low plastic toy policy most of which are wooden or naturally sourced. The children have lots of opportunities to learn and develop new skills during play.


Our dedicated staff team prepare endless learning experiences, for all children. There are lots of fun activities for the children to take part in everyday and we love to get messy too! 

We encourage the children to be as independent as possible, providing lots of opportunities to learn and develop new skills in play to help them become confident and independent learners.


Our amazing staff team are on hand to help when needed, to make sure all children have the best day at Enchanted. 

All children have the opportunity to explore our Enchanted garden every day!


Physical activity is extremely important for children, therefore we make sure we make the most of outdoor play and keep active.


We provide lots of outdoor physical activities for children to participate in including;

  • Ball games,

  • Climbing and balancing,

  • Bikes, scooters, tricycles and push cars and diggers,

  • Mud kitchen,

  • Outdoor games

  • Large construction and building blocks

  • Outdoor mark making

  • Water and sand play

  • Parachute games

  • And lot more!

We also provide all in one overalls to wear during outdoor play for all our under 2's in the winter months. 

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