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Our Curriculum

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS).

Following the changes in September 2021 we have chosen to follow Birth to Five Matters as part of our curriculum framework. 

We use Birth to Five Matters as a tool to support children's individual learning and development, fulfilling our statutory responsibilities within the EYFS and help children make progress towards achieving their Early Learning Goals (ELGs).

We follow "In the Moment" approach as it supports us in providing meaningful teaching and learning experiences, finding those teachable moments as they happen. 


We offer lots of opportunities to discuss your child's achievements. 

We record children's individual development progress using our Famly App. This is shared directly with parents, so you can view your child's development progress.


Parents can also share learning achievements from home too!

 For more information please click the link below.

Our Eco Friendly Ethos


At Enchanted we are passionate about caring for the environment. Therefore we carefully considered different natural resources and equipment for children to explore during play, including sensory experiences which help support cognitive development. We also took great care in choosing suppliers who have the same values. 

We are proud to support local businesses in Coventry, as well as using local suppliers.

We chose to use Kokoso organic baby coconut oil cream, as a Coventry based business who featured on the TV show Dragons Den!


Visit their page as they have various organic products for children with sensitive skin conditions, which you may find useful. 



Here are some of the examples of how at Enchanted, we do our bit to help the environment;

  • Energy Saving Light Bulbs

  • Biodegradable Nappies and Wipes

  • Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

  • Eco Friendly Hand Soap

  • Using Ethical Products

  • Environmentally Friendly Waste and Nappy Disposal

  • Organic Food

  • Up-cycled Resources

  • Predominately Wooden and Natural Resources, Following our Low Plastic Toy Policy

  • Paperless Where Possible

  • Recycling


We have created our very own mud kitchen in our garden, which has brought endless amounts of fun and imaginative play for all children!


Our mud kitchen has created lots of opportunities for children to experiment with mud, water and other natural materials. The children create lots of fun taking part in; kitchen role play, cooking, mixing, digging, making mud pies, mud painting and anything else they can possibly imagine!


Playing with mud is innovative, fun, engaging …. and can sometimes get very messy!


We truly value the importance of reading and sharing books together with children, so we decided to create our very own library!


We have partnered up with Foleshill Library and receive regular book deliveries, to ensure we have a variety of books.


We have also created learning bags and activity packs for children to take home, to encourage continuing learning at home. It's been a positive addition to the nursery and both children and parents have enjoyed sharing books together at home, with siblings and other family members too!


We aim to help parents with bed time reading, introducing new books and stories.


Feel free to borrow a book, activity pack or learning bag to take home! 


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